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Code of Conduct

We do business across many geographies, business climates, and cultures. We rely upon our Mission, Vision, and Values to transcend the inherent differences in culture, business climate, and people, and we work every day in diverse work environments represented in each and every one of our facilities around the globe.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values represent the common language that unites us, focuses our efforts, and drives us to continually do better for our customers, our share owners, our stakeholders, and each other.

Watts Water has built a reputation for Principled Performance and responsible corporate citizenship. That reputation is based on living up to our Values every day in the thousands of interactions that you, acting on our behalf, have with customers, shareholders, suppliers, stakeholders, and each other. By demonstrating our Values in everything you do, you protect and build not just our reputation, but your own.

We bring you this Code of Business Conduct to outline our commitment to operating in"The Watts Way for Principled Performance," and to help you learn about and live up to these standards. As a Watts Water employee, you are expected to know and follow this Code of Business Conduct.

References to the Watts Way (identified by a "water drop" symbol S), along with red flags and situational examples, will help you navigate through the ever-changing landscape ofglobal business.

  Code of Business Conduct