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Pressure Reducing Valve
Series PRVAS15F & PRVAS20F Water Pressure Reducing Valves are designed to control and reduce the incoming water pressure to a compliant level to protect plumbing system components and assist in reducing water consumption. This series is suitable for water supply pressures up to 2000 KPa and come with factory pre-set at 500 KPa.

Series PRVAR20F & PRVAR20F Press Fit are suitable for water supply pressures up to 1600KPa and come with factory pre-set at 500KPa.

For PRVAS15F & PRVAS20F, all parts are quickly and easily serviceable without the need to remove the valve from the line. 

• High performance and high flow capacity
• Adjustable Range: 150-600KPa
• No breather hole
• Low noise profile
• Serviceable in-line for PRVAS
• Compact design & Brass body construction 
• Internal stainless steel strainer
• Brass disc with EPDM diaphragm
• Can be installed in any orientation
• Simple screw pressure adjustment 
• Integrated 1/4'' gauge ports provided 
• Connections: Female BSP, Compression or Press Fit

Installation Instructions
1. The valve’s rated parameters should match the application. Make sure that the valve’s rated flow satisfies the actual demand
2. The installer must be trained and experienced so as to operate the installation correctly
3. A thorough check after installation is needed to ensure no errors
4. A thorough cleaning before installation is needed (chemical reagent can be applied if it is necessary) to ensure that there is not any rusting 
 or dirt in the pipe. All the filters must be removed before washing to keep the pipe smoothly open
5. When beginning to wash the system, it is suggested to install the valve on a temporary pipe. After finishing system cleaning, move 
 the valve back and install it into the system’s pipe
6. Use threaded connector that meets the correct standard to connect the valve
7. The direction of flow must match to the direction of the arrow head on the valve body
8. Do not expose valves to a torch flame or heat, excessive heat will destroy the seals and sealing components
9. Use correct tools when making the Press Fit and Compression connections
10. Consideration should be given to the design of the hydraulic circuit to avoid operating conditions where combined high inlet pressure with 
 low outlet flow-rate results in high water velocity within the Pressure Reducing Valve. Where inlet pressures are likely to exceed 1,000 kPa, 
 this may require pressures to be reduced through staged pressure reduction measures

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