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WATTS Warmed the Temple, which Prayed for Human

2018-1-19 9:42:34

There is such a temple in Chengdu, which was built in the Sui and Tang Dynasties and it has a history of more than 1600 years. The famous monk of the Tang Dynasty, Xuanzang, had ordained three years, preaching for Shu people. Here is the "Chijian Mahatma Daci Temple" name granted by the Emperor Tang Xuanzong.

"The temple is silent, but we can feel warm”. WATTS heating system has been a major application in millennium Daci Temple’s heating project, in the Chengdu Beauty Comfort Co, Ltd project.

In this project, Chengdu Beauty Comfort Co, Ltd perfectly applied WATTS heating system in the construction of Chengdu Daci Temple. The heating system project was formally constructed in August 20, 2017 and completed in October 25, 2017. The whole project period is more than 2 months.

As a cultural relic protection unit, the greatest difficulty in construction is the protection of ancient buildings. In the construction project for the Prayer Temple, because of the wooden structure, the heating system will be installed in higher standards and requirements. Of course, the final result is satisfactory; in the protection of the original building without any damage, WATTS successfully installed the heating system. Not only the installation process, WATTS heating system is perfect match with the ancient buildings, but also in the later usage process, WATTS heating system has also achieved customers’ satisfaction, reaching up to warm and comfortable effect.

Here, WATTS heating comfort home system is ingeniously combined with a temple. This is a clash of modern technology and traditional civilization construction. We are very pleased to see and feel the perfect scene where fashion and comfort with the traditional custom concept co-exist in.