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WATTS AERCO Solution |Improve 25% efficiency for Pyeongchang Olympic Hotel

2018-2-14 10:55:11

It is said that this winter might be the coldest winter in Peyongchang. And the 23rd Winter Olympic Game opened on Feb 9th was the coldest Olympic Game throughout the history. AERCO Solution in Watts provides the high efficiency heating system for St.John's Hotel,and makes sure that warmth will be offered for this fancy party.

St. John’s Hotel in the coastal city Gangneung, South Korea, has the honor of hosting the Olympic ice events at the 2018 XXIII Olympic Winter Games. St. John’s Hotel is a large-scale hotel with a high hot water demand for amenities. Hotel management and the engineering team determined that to provide a better service, the hotel needed a new, efficient system that would deliver energy savings.

Nine compact BMK3000 boilers and six AERCO B+II WaterWizard high-efficiency steam-to-water heaters were installed in the hotel.  The BMK3000 maximizes operating efficiency and seasonal fuel savings. What’s more, it precisely matches fluctuating loads to minimize boiler cycling and eliminates wasteful temperature overshoot. AERCO B+II WaterWizard high-efficiency steam-to-water heaters have outstanding thermal efficiency of 90%-99%, they also have tight temperature control of ±2°F under constant loads and ±4°F control under normal load changes.

AERCO boiler and steam-to-water heaters allowed customers to enjoy a more comfortable and leisure experience. Besides, Watts products helped St. John’s Hotel able to improve system performance and efficiency. And they helped hotel save money: 30% reduction in installation time and costs; 30% reduction in fuel bills; 25% increased efficiency.

St. John's Hotel Mechanical room director mentioned: 
“Generally, the system used in a hotel in Korea is known as a steam boiler or a vacuum hot water boiler. Both of the systems have inconveniences because that piping becomes complicated and a wide installation space and auxiliary materials such as a water storage tank must be installed together.

When I first saw the benchmark boiler, I was surprised at the small size same like the large refrigerator and was surprised to find that there was no need for complicated facilities like steam system or vacuum hot water system. Numerous tourists from all over the world will visit our hotel. to watch the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. And I'm sure that this innovative boiler system will play a big role for the best value we offer to our customers as described by Watts Korea.”

Besides, Watts AERCO boilers were installed for five main hotels in this Olympic Game to provide hot water solutions.